Winter services

In summer we keep the grounds in order and attend to the upkeep of green spaces and in winter we clear these areas from snow and ice. Winter services in Munich include various services according to the property in question.

We would be happy to carry out snow clearing services on public areas in front of office buildings or large residential complexes. We can also remove snow and ice from large surfaces and paths on the property. Our client’s requirements are the determining factor here.

The following services are included in our winter services:

  • Snow removal with snow ploughs, snow blowers and classic snow shovels. We select the tools that are suitable for the conditions at the property in question.
  • Removal of compacted snow and ice
  • Gritting surfaces and paths
  • Prudent use of gritting salt

We would be happy to give you a quote for winter services for office property, inner city enterprise centres or large residential complexes in Munich and the surrounding region. Let us know your particular requirements.

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