Grounds maintenance

A major aspect of grounds maintenance is the classic upkeep of green spaces. In addition to gardening work, grounds maintenance also includes other tasks.
We basically decide on the work to be done according to the individual needs of the property in question. Depending on the individual property, grounds maintenance could cover parking areas, paths, flower beds, building entrances and access drives.

The following services are included in grounds maintenance:

  • Keeping paths and parking spaces clean and tidy (picking up litter, sweeping surfaces)
  • Removing weeds from paths and paved areas
  • Removal and disposal of deposited refuse/bulky household waste
  • Any gardening work required
  • Control and inspection of all areas of the grounds
  • Making a note of any damage and carrying out corresponding repairs or engaging a contractor to do so

We would be happy to arrange further services with our clients on an individual basis. The services and requirements of owners differ according to the type of property (office property, inner city enterprise centre, residential complex). Ask us for a free quote for grounds maintenance in Munich or for other facility management services without any obligation.

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Bild1: 23527342 – modern sidewalk park © Paolese
Bild2: 34952925 – Cleaning of autumn leaves © Olga Galushko
Bild3: 28570632 – Snow blower´ © Marijus
Bild4: 21413859 – garbage can © Sergiy Serdyuk

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