Maintenance and control of building services

The regular maintenance and control of technical systems is essential for their long-term reliability and preserves the value of the entire property. Inadequate control can quickly lead to major damage, especially with highly complex technical systems in commercial properties.

As part of our facility management services in Munich, we carry out the control, inspection and maintenance of building services.

The services we provide in this area depend on the building services available and the individual requirements of our clients.

The following services are generally available:

  • Regular inspection of lighting systems both inside (foyer, stairs) and outside.
  • Checking generally accessible sanitary facilities, e.g. in office buildings.
  • Control and inspection of locking systems, both in the entrance areas and outside.
  • Monitoring of lifts and close coordination with breakdown service.
  • Inspection of heating system to ensure it is functioning efficiently and without any defects.

We would be happy to agree any additional services with you. Contact us and ask for a free quote for the maintenance and control of building services or for any other facility management service.

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