Upkeep of green spaces

Green spaces and inner courtyards in urban office blocks add value to the entire property and provide an attractive balance between work and city life and the beauty of nature.

We take care of the professional upkeep of these green areas as part of our facility management services for commercial and private properties in Munich. We provide all the services necessary to maintain green spaces to the highest standard possible.

Although we always discuss our services in detail with our clients, we would like to give you an insight into what individual services we offer for the maintenance of green spaces in the Munich area.

  • We cut hedges, bushes and shrubs and regularly trim them back.
  • We prune ornamental shrubs such as boxwood into the desired shapes, whether it be spherical, trapezoid or cuboid, a variety of forms are possible.
  • Other services included in the upkeep of green spaces are regular lawn mowing
  • The removal of undesirable vegetation (weeds)
  • The planting of new bushes, trees or creating a new lawn from seed or turf
  • The upkeep of green spaces goes hand in hand with grounds maintenance.

Contact us for a free quote without any obligation and we will prepare an offer for the upkeep of your green spaces in Munich tailored to your particular needs. In addition to commercial property, we also manage large tenement blocks and owner-occupied apartment complexes.

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