Commercial and residential

We manage commercial and residential complexes in the Greater Munich area.

Office / commercial complexes

In addition to classic office properties in inner city locations, we also look after commercial complexes in the surrounding region of the state capital. We are responsible for small and medium-sized commercial properties as well as large office complexes with 20,000 square metres of space or more.

Residential: rental property

We also manage medium to large rental apartment complexes in Munich and the surrounding region. Properties with several dozen stairways are not uncommon.

Residential: owner-occupied apartment complexes

In addition to rented property, we also manage property owner associations in the Bavarian capital. This is another area in which we offer professional management of medium and large property complexes without any problems.

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Bild1: 16898920 – Immeuble avec courbe, ciel bleu. © Bruno Bernier
Bild2: Peter Schmidt
Bild3: 22421762 – Business quarter in Munich © Kirill Livshitskiy

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